New Service Provider Program is coming – launch date to be announced

Be part of a major growth area: Cloud services is growing at CAGR of 20% – up to 10x faster than on premise IT

Based on your feedback, the future Veritas Partner Force Service Provider program is designed to increase your marketplace presence and profitability.

Future program benefits:

Existing Service Provider Partners

Existing Reseller and Service Provider partners

New Service Provider partners

Promote and develop your business

Veritas can help you succeed as a Service Provider by:

  • Actively promoting your business – using the strength and market position of Veritas and its leading information management technologies
  • Creating a competitive edge – with impactful marketing support, advanced technical support, and access to demonstration licensing and demonstration appliance units
  • Earning greater rewards – through access to competitive pricing, growth incentives and development funds, ultimately accelerating profitability

Set for success?

Benefit from the tools, demo licenses, and advanced technical assistance for training, enablement, and marketing support.

Find out more about the Veritas ExSP and SSP Pricing and Licensing Programs on the License tab on PartnerNet

Watch this space for launch information

To deliver the high quality of service you expect in terms of rewards and visibility into your business the new program will only be launched when it is fully ready to go. Keep checking here for news of the launch schedule.