Veritas Partner Newsletter  |  January 2017
Voice Poll: Have your say

We recently announced the launch of NetBackup 8.0, a key piece of enabling 360 data management for customers. By integrating data visibility, application resiliency and copy data management into the NetBackup platform, organizations can better control and manage their most critical asset—data, no matter if that data exists on-premises, or in the cloud.

Which of the following cloud scenarios are you implementing or are planning with customers?

Check out last month’s Poll Results:
Voice Poll: Have your say
Will you action any of the following sales opportunities with Backup Exec 16?
Attach Backup Exec™16 if you are already selling servers, storage or virtualization to your customers? 20
Leverage Backup Exec™16 if you want to drive cloud storage sales? 12
Upgrade your existing Backup Exec customer base to Backup Exec 16? 26
All of the above 37
Other opportunity with Backup Exec 16 5