Veritas Partner Newsletter | August 2016

Veritas Global Enterprise Renewals Policy Reminder

At Veritas, our pledge is to help our customers ensure they are continuously supported with active Maintenance/Support. Following are key points of our Veritas Global Enterprise Renewals Policy, which are relevant for upcoming renewals for Veritas Maintenance/Support. Note: Veritas customers received a reminder on 08 August 2016.

  • Remember that there is no ‘grace period’ for late renewals - reinstatement charges will apply if customers do not renew on time and their Maintenance/Support expires. Customers whose support lapses are required to pay for the lapsed period of Maintenance/Support, plus a Maintenance/Support Re-instatement Fee equal to twenty-five percent (25%) of the total lapsed Maintenance/Support fee. The period of lapsed support will be calculated from the date prior Maintenance/Support expired, to the effective date of reinstatement.
  • We appreciate that customers may be used to seeing reference, in our quotes, to a 30-day “grace period’ for late renewals without the Re-instatement Fee. Veritas is changing this practice to conform to our overall policy of no ‘grace period’ for late renewals. To avoid confusion, we are advising our customers that any prior expectations of a ‘grace period” will not apply for renewals with a due date after 01 November 2016. Please be sure to work with customers to bring any outstanding renewals up to date by 01 November 2016, to avoid the 25% Re-instatement Fee.

This means that it is even more important for you to engage with your customers at least one month prior to renewal date in order to get the renewal processed on time.

Veritas Maintenance/Support helps customers maximize and protect the value of their investment in our products by providing customers access to the following for software licenses while current on a Veritas Maintenance/Support subscription:

  • Product updates and upgrades, optimizing product performance
  • Version upgrades delivering the latest cutting-edge features and technology innovations
  • Rapid response and resolution from technical support to help customers minimize downtime

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and engagement with Veritas. If you have any queries or need further information regarding this change, please contact our Customer Care department

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