Veritas Partner Newsletter | July 2016

What is Advanced Export Declaration (AED)?

AED mandates all Singapore‐based companies to submit export declarations to Singapore Customs before physical exports of all goods by sea or air.

Since coming into effect on 1 April 2013, Singapore Customs has stepped up enforcement efforts across Singapore‐based companies and freight‐forwarders in recent months.

Failure to comply with AED requirements will result in financial penalties and increased scrutiny from Customs on the clearance of their goods resulting in delays in border clearance.

Next steps:

  • Work with your appointed Freight‐forwarder to ensure export declarations are submitted prior to physical exports.
  • Review existing controls with your appointed Freight‐forwarder to ensure that AED requirements are appropriately communicated and adhered to when exporting from Singapore.
  • Veritas Global Trade Compliance will step up monitoring of AED compliance levels of Veritas shipments originating from Singapore. Should any of your shipments or freight‐forwarders be found to be non‐AED compliant, we will notify you and will work with you to establish tighter controls as required.

To find out more, please contact Veritas Global Trade Compliance at or your usual Veritas Account Manager.

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