Veritas Partner Newsletter | May 2016

Unstructured data

How can you find what’s valuable? You visualise.

More complexity demands greater simplicity.

As part of a recent survey, Veritas customers indicated that gaining visibility and better insight into their data is of great value to them from an Information Governance perspective.

Most of all, they need to understand:

  • How junk data is being created
  • Where junk data is stored
  • How to track it so they can delete or destroy as much worthless data as possible.

Veritas Data Insight and Information Map maps your customers’ global unstructured data to find the gold, and identify what’s worthless or at risk.

Easy to use

Information Map is easy to use; it’s designed and optimised for easy visibility.

Views and information can be narrowed, exploded, or adjusted in any manner that helps customers understand the nature of the data they’re looking at.

Using Information Map, organisations can:

  • Make better use of their storage
  • Manage risk
  • Make more informed decisions.


As it says on the box, Information Map:

  1. Aggregates data as a comprehensive, continuous and consistent representation of your global information environment
  2. Provides visibility into that environment to identify areas of risk, areas of value, and areas of waste
  3. Delivers visibility dynamically, so users can adjust the context to aid in decision making

Engage your customers

Show customers how Data Insight and Information Map can:

  • Provide intelligence about data ownership, usage and access controls
  • Identify worthless data
  • Protect important information

Critical data for Information Governance

Should litigation or an internal investigation pop up, enterprises need to find critical data quickly. Having a single well-organised source for critical target data like the Enterprise Vault archive speeds the initial collection of data. Via its integration with the eDiscovery Platform, customers can immediately leverage advanced analysis tools to whittle that initial data set down to the key files.

Hear more by listening to the webcast.

Read more on unstructured data here.

Download webcast presentation PDF.
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