Veritas Partner Newsletter | April 2016

Critical update: Order to cash

Veritas launches a Quote-to-Cash Normalization Initiative

Since our operational separation from Symantec in October 2015, we’ve been faced with order processing challenges that affected our business and that of our partners and distributors.

Veritas partners are a key part of our go-to-market strategy as 85% of our business is handled through the channel, so it is essential that our systems and business processes operate at optimal performance.

To address these issues, we‘ve implemented an end-to-end Quote to Cash (Q2C) Normalization Initiative, led by Juli Clark, our new SVP Global Renewals/Global Customer Retention.

We’re excited to be defining and implementing the Q2C Normalization Initiative throughout Veritas, as well as working together with you, our partners, to improve the overall sales and order-processing experience.

We spoke to distributors, partners and sales to understand their specific concerns and to build a plan to normalise our processes.

We asked what we can do differently, and how we can improve the buying experience.


Overwhelmingly, you asked us to focus on the following:

  • Reduce our Q3/Q4 backlog by end of Q4FY16 (April 1, 2016).
  • Offer a self-serve option for distributors and partners to have more visibility and enablement during the order process.
  • Fix unmanaged renewals process.
  • Address co-term issues, delayed start, and multi-year by the end of Q1FY17 (July 1, 2016).
  • Address invoicing issues: match to PO or reject.
  • Communicate to distributors and partners with transparency; that is, let everyone know what’s happening, when we’ll fix issues, and how we’re responding to customer needs.

Progress so far

Our short-term goals of reducing backlogs, implementing self-service tools, and addressing multi-year SKUs are in progress, and we expect to meet our stated goals for each.

At the end of Q4FY16, we were able to dramatically reduce our Q3/Q4 backlog, and have implemented a new self-service Proof of Purchase (POP) Lookup tool to improve the order submission experience for our partners.

You can find instructions on how to use the POP Lookup Tool here, and a brief English language video on our Veritas Partner Enablement page (Look under “Sell”, then “Ordering” – video 16).

Our future

Getting our Q2C experience right is going to be a journey and will require multiple phases to get to a normalised state. We ask for, and want to hear, your ongoing feedback on how we’re succeeding.

If something’s not working, please tell your OSM, DSM or PSM. And look for an update on our Q2C Normalization Initiative in the next newsletter.

We’re at an important juncture as Veritas progresses through its re-emergence. This is a unique moment in time that offers us the opportunity to take a leap into the future while making smart, thoughtful decisions about how to operate our business and how we’re going to be successful together as partners.

It’s time for Veritas.
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